About Us

The Upstate Food Company is a modern food company based on a very old idea. Before industrialized agriculture and giant conglomerates, mills served small agrarian towns as both processor and community center. Local farmers would bring their crops to water or wind-powered mills and grind them into flour in exchange for bartered goods or services. In these communities, the mill was truly central to both daily life and the town's economy.

We aim to continue that tradition in the twenty-first century by creating delicious foods sourced from local farms, and by using processing techniques that enhance both freshness and flavor. Our flour comes from small family farms, mostly in upstate New York and is grown exclusively using organic methods to guarantee the quality of the end product for you and your family. 

As soon as you place an order your flour is ground on a small stone mill in New York City, packed in a resealable pouch to maintain continued freshness, and shipped directly to your door. Cutting out the middleman ensures that your flour doesn't sit on a store's shelf for months or years, gradually losing flavor and nutrition.

We truly believe that our model is the future of food for anyone who cares about taste or nutrition. We hope you will agree.

Questions? Comments? Reach out to us at upcountryfoods@gmail.com.