Organic Buckwheat Flour

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Whole Organic Buckwheat Flour
(100% Extraction)
2 Pounds

Look, we're not ones to get all preachy about miracle ingredients, but if we were then buckwheat just might be the one to start proselytizing about.

When it's ground fresh, this stuff has more protein than wheat, contains every essential amino acid, and is also a source of dietary fiber, B vitamins, niacin, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus. 

Even better, it has a complex, nutty flavor that will improve everything from sourdough bread to pancakes and can be used as an addition to your favorite recipe or anchor a new baking project all on its own. There's a reason buckwheat has been a staple of regional diets in Europe and Asia for thousands of years.

Try fresh-ground buckwheat, expand your baking, expand your mind.

Contains: two pounds of fresh, flavorful flour that we promise will knock your socks off if you only know the dried out dust on your store's shelf. Please note: although buckwheat is gluten free we cannot guarantee that our processing and packaging equipment is, therefore this product is not suitable for individuals with true allergies to gluten or Celiac's.


The Upcountry Promise

Flour starts to lose its vitamins and nutrients within a few weeks after it's milled, and flavor vanishes even faster.

We think that's a shame, and believe you shouldn't have to use inferior ingredients in your cooking. To fix the problem, we mill organic grains as soon as you place an order and quickly pack them in sealed, resealable stay-fresh pouches.

Our promise is to provide you the freshest flour on the market for better nutrition and the best flavor possible.

Fresh is Best.