Organic Pastry Flour (High Extraction)

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Sifted Organic Soft White Wheat Flour
(85% Extraction)
2 Pounds

Organic soft wheat is ideal for cakes, cookies, quickbreads and anything that could use a boost of delicious grain without adding too much gluten.

High extraction refers to the percentage of bran and germ left in flour. Most all purpose flours are no more than 75%. Our flour starts its life as our incredibly delicious whole wheat pastry flour, before being carefully sifted through a 40-grit filter to roughly 85% extraction. Don't know what any of that means? Here's the deal: it's a semi-white wheat flour with more flavor than all purpose, suitable for any pastry recipe that calls for whole wheat.

Contains: two pounds of fresh, flavorful flour that we promise will knock your socks off if you only know the dried out dust on your store's shelf. 



The Upstate Promise

Flour starts to lose its vitamins and nutrients within a few weeks after it's milled, and flavor vanishes even faster.

We think that's a shame, and believe you shouldn't have to use inferior ingredients in your cooking. To fix the problem, we mill organic grains as soon as you place an order and quickly pack them in sealed, resealable stay-fresh pouches.

Our promise is to supply you with the freshest flour on the market, to provide better nutrition than commercial flour, and to bring you the best flavor possible to your baking.

Fresh is Best.